Moldavite... an olive green stone of transformation

Moldavite has biggest influence on the heart chakra and third eye (brow) chakras, as well as the crown chakra. Moldavite in any form increases the depth and clarity of inner journeys, increase energy, suppresses our ego, and cleanses our body and soul. It is a popular stone used to reduces headaches, fatigue and drowsiness, while also strengthening the immune system, and is often uses for meditation.

How Moldavite came to the Earth

Moldavite is a member of the Tektite group of natural glasses formed from interplanetary collisions. Nearly 15 million year ago a large meteorite hit the Earth and due the high temperature and pressure of the explosion, the meteorite and the surrounding rocks melted and sprayed some of the glassy substance ( Moldavite)

The name Moldavite (Moldova) is derived from the Vltava River (Moldau), where this rare stone was originally discovered and only very few small locations in eastern part of our country and neighboring Germany. Moldavite features many unique characteristics. A piece of Moldavite when seen in the best light, illuminates the intensity of this both mysterious and gorgeous stone. Natural Moldavites often contains small bubbles,

perfect because its excavating from hard and unstable silica sand layers. Glass is product of meting that was cooled down to a solid base with out crystallization. The glass-like appearance is due to smooth transition from the liquid into the solid state. Moldavite has olive-green color that ranges from pale and translucent to varying hues of deep forest green some with streaks of brown.  

Moldavite an ideal gemstone for jewelry


Bubbles in Moldavite 

When Moldavite was formed,  gas bubbles were trapped inside, which is a good sign the piece is genuine. Bubbles can be visible just with an eye but not all of them, some are so small that are visible only under the microscope. Size of the bubble ranges within a hundredth of millimeters and a couple of centimeters. Most often there are bubbles sized between 0.01mm and 0.9 mm. The shape of a bubbles is round - sphere shaped or oblong. 

Pictures of tumbled Moldavite beads with back light. Visible sphere and oblong bubbles. They were available for purchase at our Etsy shop

Moldavite beads with differently shaped gas bubbles


Most common sizes are from 1g to 8g and price range can be from $13/g to recently $20+. Rare pieces harder to find are over 20g

How to recognize fake Moldavite 

This is a question I receive very often, unfortunately for a good reason. Market is filled with fake, manufactured handmade Moldavite in all forms. 

Synthetic imitation, molten glass selling as Moldavite is appearing now everywhere.  There are used different type of textures to imitate Moldavite that are constantly improving. Surface of synthetic piece appears glassy or significantly more matte which could have been caused by etching the cast shape, probably with hydrofluoric acid and subsequent very short abrasion in a vibration or rolling drum.

These pieces are NOT Moldavite 


Our Moldavite and Libyan Desert Glass pieces were tested by certified gemologist in Czech Republic

Bracelet gemologist certificate
 LDG bracelet

In Czech Republic is over dozen legal mines. Our pieces are all genuine and come from Chlum mine located in south part of the country also called Bohemia. Lastly, Czech Republic is my home, I was born there and spent there 20 year of my life. 


Cleansing and charging Moldavite

For those who are interested in cleaning and charging their new piece of Moldavite. Moldavite can be cleansed with sun or moon light. My preferred technique is leaving the piece outside on the night of a meteor shower or full moon. If you would like to cleanse with cold water, please do not use this method for earrings and pendants where could be used glue to hold the stone or bail inside. 


Moldavite under the microscope