From Chlum to You

Though I live and operate my company, Silver & Moldavite, LLC, in Georgia (USA), the Czech Republic is my home. I make certain that the Czech Moldavite we import is ethically sourced from legal mines. Our Moldavite pieces are all genuine and come from Chlum, located in the southern part of the country (also called Bohemia). Each piece we sell - whether raw, faceted, polished, tumbled or carved - comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Spotting Genuine Moldavite

Fake green glass has been sold as Moldavite by disreputable dealers since the late 1800’s. Today the market is even more saturated with fake, manufactured Moldavite in many forms. The techniques used to mimic Modavite's natural texture on imitation molten glass are constantly improving. It can be very difficult to tell the difference between a genuine Moldavite gemstone and a chunk of worthless glass.

One way to confirm that a piece of Moldavite is authentic is with a microscope. All Moldavite has inclusions: air bubbles and lechatelierite strands. Sometimes these inclusions are so fine that they require magnification to view properly, but they are always there. Fake Moldavite will lack these significant features.

But generally the tell-tale sign of fake Moldavite is the sheen. A piece of imitation Moldavite is generally too glossy or more matte than it should be. This is generally caused by a hydrofluoric acid wash or abrasions from being tumbled in a rolling drum. Often the ridges and texture are etched on and seem too smooth or contrived.

Our Genuine Moldavite

At Silver & Moldavite, LLC, we make sure our Moldavite is genuine and authentic. For specific pieces, we've even had the Moldavite tested and certified by a gemologist in the Czech Republic as a means of quality control and assurance.

Ethically Sourced Moldavite

Part of Moldavite's value comes from its scarcity; Moldavite is only found in one limited region on Earth. While legal mining is authorized by the Czech Republic, illegal mining is a common problem. Ethically sourced Moldavite, such as that imported by Silver & Moldavite, LLC, comes from legally recognized mines.