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Libyan Dessert Glass & Lava Beads Bracelet

Libyan Dessert Glass & Lava Beads Bracelet

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Bracelet with wonderful properties! 
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Libyan and lava beads measure 7mm.                                                                                                           Bracelet will fit on wrist 7 in and smaller

Libyan desert glass

Is similar to Moldavite but less intense

* Will increase confidence, personal power, manifestations, protection, creativity, inner strength, and personal power

Third eye Chakra

Zodiac sign Aries, Cancer

Element Fire and Wind

Libyan Desert Glass, also known as Libyan Gold or Great Sand Sea Glass was born from a cosmic impact approximately 29 million years ago.. It's unique and nearly pure silica tektite, ranging from light yellow to deep golden color tones that was formed in temperatures above 1600C


Lava stones are wonderful for calming the emotions and clearing negative emotions. It's good “grounding stone”, believed to strengthen the wearer’s connection with Mother Earth and give strength and courage in times of change and stress.

Alleviate anxiety, promote emotional tranquillity, bring calmness and feelings of relaxation

*Stimulate creativity

*Calming for controlling anger

*Helps with an anxiety and muscle tension

*Cleanses negative thoughts and emotions

It's recommended you wear your lava stone as close to the skin as possible to allows better absorption, giving it easier access so that the energy can flow.



All Moldavite sold by Silver & Moldavite, LLC is genuine and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Our Moldavite is ethically sourced from legal mines in Chlum, Czech Republic.

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Moldavite has biggest influence on the heart chakra and third eye (brow) chakras, as well as the crown chakra. Moldavite in any form increases the depth and clarity of inner journeys, increase energy, suppresses our ego, and cleanses our body and soul. It is a popular stone used to reduces headaches, fatigue and drowsiness, while also strengthening the immune system, and is often uses for meditation.

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